What is Wilfredo Gomez doing now?

What is Wilfredo Gomez doing now?

Gomez, who slurs his words (and did do even as a much younger man, this the result of a punch to the throat that he took in the later stages of his ring career) is now getting treatment in a psychiatric institution.

Who did Salvador Sanchez lose to?

His only loss was a 10-round decision (a fight whose outcome is determined by judges’ scoring) to Antonio Becerra for the vacant Mexican bantamweight (118 pounds) championship on Sept. 9, 1977.

What was Rocky Graziano’s fighting record?

Graziano’s career record was 67 wins (52 by knockout), 10 losses, and 6 draws. He was inducted into The Ring magazine’s Boxing Hall of Fame in 1971.

What happened Wilfredo Benitez?

A few years after retiring, Benitez, in his late 30s, started living with his mom, as he needed daily assistance. He couldn’t remember many things in his life, such as his opponents, his birthday, or, unfortunately, even himself. CTE, as his disease is called, even sent him into a coma at the age of 38.

Why was Salvador Sanchez so good?

Sanchez had a lot of extraordinary qualities – good balance and attacking and defensive qualities. His counter punching skills were great. “Salvador Sanchez was a marathon runner. He had iron lungs, stamina – he was known to be tireless – and he had the ability to mentally focus for a prolonged period of time.

What car was Salvador Sanchez driving when he died?

During preparations for a fight, Sanchez normally went to bed at 9 P.M. and was up at 5:30 A.M. to do road work. It was not immediately known why he was driving his Porsche 928 between Queretaro and his training camp at San Jose Iturbide, 160 miles north of Mexico City, at 3:30 A.M., when the crash occurred.