Are Melanie and Miranda Wilking sisters?

Are Melanie and Miranda Wilking sisters?

Miranda & Melanie Wilking (The Wilking Sisters) are a triple threat singing/dancing/acting duo that have years of experience in the entertainment industry dancing for artists such as Bruno Mars, Iggy Azalea, Jason Derulo, Lele Pons, Flo Rida & more!

Who is Miranda Derrick sister?

Derrick — whose maiden name is Wilking — built a successful TikTok dance account with her sister, Melanie Wilking, under the username @wilkngssister until 2021 when the siblings split and Miranda signed with 7M management.

Who is Miranda Derrick husband?

James Derrick is a famous dancer and choreographer with a massive following on Instagram. He is also known for being the husband of social media influencer Miranda Derrick.

Why does Miranda Derrick not talk to her family?

It was after she joined the production company that Ms Derrick began to drift from her family. “Miranda is a part of a religious group, and she’s not allowed to speak to us,” her sister said in the tearful video.