Will Hartzell Tiktok age?

When the coronavirus pandemic shuttered gyms and public courts, 23-year-old Will Hartzell turned his grandfather’s farm, where he also works, into a private, open-air basketball training center. He affixed a hoop to the side of a barn and filmed himself sinking treys while dressed in boots and suspenders.

What nationality is Will Hartzell?

William Hartzell (February 20, 1837 – August 14, 1903) was a U.S. Representative from Illinois. Hartzell was born in Canton, Ohio.

Where does Will Hartzell live?

“LeBarn James,” aka Will Hartzell, has produced a crop of fun videos from his Mississippi farm during the coronavirus pandemic. But he may have outdone himself by building his own rebounding machine.

How is Will Hartzell famous?

Will Hartzell is known for The Dream of a Moving Picture Director (1912) and A Chance in Life (1914)…