How old is The Little Couple’s son will?

How old is The Little Couple’s son will?

Little Couple fans think Jen Arnold & Bill Klein’s son Will, 12, looks so grown up in new photo after show disappeared.

How old is will and Zoey from The Little Couple 2022?

Little Couple’s Jen Arnold shares rare photo of kids Will, 12, & Zoey, 10, looking all grown-up on first day of school.

Does The Little Couple have a biological child?

They chose to adopt after doctors said a pregnancy could be lethal to Jen and a baby due to her form of dwarfism. The pair worked with a surrogate to have a biological child, though sadly suffered two miscarriages.

What does Bill Klein do for a living?

Bill Klein

When did The Little Couple adopt will?

In March 2013, they adopted their son, Will, from Hohhot, China. The adoption of their son, who also has dwarfism, is featured in Season 5. On October 15, 2013, they adopted a daughter, Zoey, also a little person, from Delhi, India.

What is Bill and Jen worth?

How much are The Little Couple worth? The Little Couple are worth $3.5M, Celebrity Net Worth reports. Jen makes most of her income as a neonatologist who earned her Masters of Medical Education from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.