Will Simpson Marvel powers?

Powers and Abilities Enhanced Strength: The pills increased his adrenaline, which in turn lowered his physical limiters such as fatigue or pain. This in turn enhanced Simpson’s physical strength, as he was able to match Jessica Jones’ strength while she was injured.

Is Nuke a super-soldier?

History. He was a test subject of the Weapon Plus program, the super-soldier program that had created Captain America and would later transform Wolverine into a killing machine. The enhancing and conditioning process went awry, leaving Nuke seriously deranged. Later, he would do black ops for the American government.

Is Simpson working for Kilgrave?

Simpson was introduced as a New York City police officer who was compelled by the supervillain Kilgrave (David Tennant) to kill Jessica’s adopted sister and best friend, Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor).

Who’s Simpson in Jessica Jones?

Nuke as he appears in Daredevil #233 (August 1986). A variation of Nuke named Will Simpson appeared in the first and second seasons of Marvel’s Netflix television series, Jessica Jones, portrayed by Wil Traval.