What is William Fichtner doing now?

What is William Fichtner doing now?

Fichtner can currently be seen on the Peacock series Joe vs Carole, opposite Kate McKinnon and John Cameron Mitchell.

Why is Adam Janikowski in a wheelchair?

Adam Janikowski first started appearing in season 3, as Bonnie’s blind date. He used to be a Hollywood stunt double, had an accident that paralyzed him from the waist down, and now uses a wheelchair.

Is the guy that plays on Mom really in a wheelchair?

So, does William Fichtner use a wheelchair? In real life, William Fichtner — who you might recognize from movies like The Perfect Storm, Black Hawk Down and The Dark Knight — does not use a wheelchair to get around.

Are Bonnie and Adam married on Mom?

Together, the two work to overcome their mistakes and build a better future. Now, Christy is well on her way to becoming a lawyer, while Bonnie is in a healthy romantic relationship and has just married Adam (William Fichtner).

What soap was William Fichtner on?

A compelling actor known for his strong supporting performances in film, William Fichtner started out as a soap heartthrob on CBS’ “As the World Turns” in 1987.

Why is Bonnie in a wheelchair on Mom?

Bonnie injures both ankles when she accidentally steps off a curb while talking on her cell phone with Christy and eating ice cream.