Who did William Franklyn Miller play in Neighbours?

Who did William Franklyn Miller play in Neighbours?

Four Kids and It. Carl. 2020. Medici. Giovanni de’ Medici. TV Series. 2019. 4 episodes. Intern-in-Chief. Ezra. 2019. Chicken Girls. Ezra. TV Series. 2019. 11 episodes. Spring Breakaway. Ezra. 2019. The Resurgence. Will. Short. 2018. Arrow. Young Joseph Wilson. TV Series. 2017. 2 episodes. Neighbours. Brandon Henley. TV Series. 2017. 1 episode.

Is William Franklyn British?

William Franklyn(1925-2006) Debonair British actor at home on stage (since the age of 15), screen and TV. Initially, his roles tended to be dramatic but, by his 40s, he was increasingly playing tongue-in-cheek comedy parts.

What school did William Franklyn Miller go to in Melbourne?

I started in London at a private prep school and then we moved to Melbourne. I was so lucky to attend Scotch College in Melbourne.