Who won Love Island 2021 America?

During the last episode of the summer, it was announced that Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy took home the $100,000 cash prize. Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada took second with Bailey Marshall and Jeremy Hershberg coming in third. Alana Paolucci and Charlie Lynch finished in fourth place.

Who from Love Island 2021 is still together?

Paige and Finn were the winners of the first ever series of winter Love Island and talked about moving in together and getting a dog before they had even won the £50k. Fast forward to summer 2021, and they live in an apartment in Manchester together, and are happy as ever.

Are any Love Island USA 2022 couples still together?

As confirmed on the Love Island USA reunion episode and several outlets since, the two are still together and going strong. According to a Sept. 5, 2022 Instagram post captioned “Me & Mine,” Sydney and Isaiah have been spending intimate time together in Los Angeles since the hit reality dating show concluded.

Who came second in Love Island 2021 USA?

Love Island USA 2021: Winners Olivia and Korey, and runners up Kyra and Will both split | Season 3.

Is Cinco and Cashay together?

“I want to announce that Cinco and I are no longer together…” Cashay wrote on her story, before she thanked fans for their support.

Is Kyra and will still together?

Kyra and Will: Together However, the pair broke up by November 2021.