What happens to Winnie in The Wonder Years?

What happens to Winnie in The Wonder Years?

In the series finale, Winnie decides to take a job for the summer of 1973 as a lifeguard at a resort. Kevin, meanwhile, is at his job at his father’s furniture factory and calls Winnie, who is distant and seems to be enjoying her time away from Kevin.

Did Winnie and Kevin end up together?

Of course, the romance on the show didn’t last, either: The Wonder Years’ series finale famously, and controversially, revealed that Winnie and Kevin didn’t end up together, though they remained close friends.

Did Winnie and Kevin ever sleep together?

For years, McKellar has dismissed the idea that Winnie and Kevin slept together in the final episode. But when confronted with a clip last night, she said, “Yeah, they probably did.” “That was a lot of kissing,” admitted Savage.

Why did Wonder Years get Cancelled?

The same year, Alley Mills, who played Savage’s mom on The Wonder Years, revealed that the show came to an end after six seasons due in large part to a sexual-harassment lawsuit filed against Savage and his co-star, Jason Hervey.