Where is wish bone now?

The wishbone, located between the turkey’s neck and breast, is formed by the fusion of the bird’s clavicles at the base of its sternum. This elastic bone is crucial for the bird’s flight mechanics ”“ it serves as a spring that holds and releases energy while the bird flaps its wings attempting to fly.

Why did Bizzy leave Bone Thugs?

Bizzy Bone abstained from promoting BTNHResurrection because he felt that Ruthless Records owed him money.

Is wishbone married?

Looks like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony frontman Wish Bone rang in the first of the month in a very special way by making things official with his lady. The veteran rapper apparently tied the knot during an intimate ceremony over the weekend on Sunday (July 1).

What is the wishbone meaning?

/ˈwɪʃ.bəʊn/ the V-shaped bone between the neck and breast of a cooked bird that traditionally is removed from the bird and pulled apart by two people, allowing the one who gets the longer piece to make a secret wish.