Who was better Wlad or Vitali?

Wladimir had a more accomplished career than his older brother. Vitali has a better record at 45 wins with only two losses, but Wladimir fought and beat more world champions. He retired in 2017 with a record of 64 victories and five defeats .

Where are the Klitschko brothers now?

Neither Klitschko is going anywhere. Vitali, who retired from the ring in 2012, has been the mayor of capital city Kyiv since 2014. Wladimir signed up for Ukraine’s territorial army a month before the invasion began, when 100,000 Russian troops massed on the country’s border.

Who defeated Vitali Klitschko?

Because Klitschko’s injury was a result of punches from Lewis, Lewis was named the winner of the fight by technical knockout. Klitschko was ahead 58–56 on the scorecards with two judges giving Lewis only rounds three and six and the other rounds five and six.

What boxer has held the most titles?

Manny Pacquiao is the only boxer in history to have won twelve major world titles in eight different weight divisions.