Who is Lynn Greenfield married to?

Lynn Greenfield

Who is Wolf Blitzer’s daughter married to?

Ilana Michelle Blitzer, the daughter of Lynn Blitzer and Wolf Blitzer, the television news anchor, of Bethesda, Md., was married Saturday evening to Joseph Orrin Gendelman, a son of Lori and Bruce Gendelman of Palm Beach, Fla.

Is Wolf Blitzer a Bills fan?

Wolf Blitzer Also like Russert, Blitzer is a hardcore Bills fan. Blitzer has spoken about attending Bills games as a child with his father during the team’s formative years in the AFL.

Who is Dan Blitzer?

He is a board member and past president of the Designer’s Lighting Forum of New York, a member of the IESNA, a director and Treasurer of The Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education, and is Lighting Certified.