Are oxford shoes in Style 2022?

Borrowed from the boys, loafers and oxfords have proven to be closet essentials, thanks to their easy feel and polished-cool aesthetic.

What kind of pants go with oxford shoes?

Smart Casual As Oxfords are quite formal, they require a somewhat casual pair of pants to balance their style. In particular, chinos or dressy jeans will work well to achieve the desired aesthetic. Then, complete your look with something that is comfortable yet chic on top.

Can I wear oxford shoes with jeans?

Oxford shoes are great dress shoes but they are on the more formal end of the spectrum and will therefore not work with jeans. A better style to go with is the Blucher, Derby, or loafer shoe style.

Can oxfords be worn casually?

With their versatility and timeless appeal, oxfords can be worn with formal or smart casual looks. Therefore, they are an essential staple for all gents, regardless of their style preferences.