Should you put insoles in work boots?

Should you put insoles in work boots?

Unless you’re investing in custom work boots, the ones you buy won’t have the arch support your feet need. That’s why they leave your feet in agony. Adding work shoe insoles, getting the proper boot fit from quality boots and wearing the right socks will make a huge difference.

What are the best inserts for work boots?

Superfeet Copper Memory Foam. Check Best Price. Dr. Scholl’s Shock Absorbing Work Insoles. FORM Premium Insoles Reinforced. $44.95. Tread Labs Pace Boot Insole. Sumos by Samurai Insoles Double Padded Orthotics for Flat Feet. Oboz O Fit Insole Plus Medium Arch. Aline Cushion. JobSite Heavy Duty Boot Support Insole.

Can you wear orthotics with boots?

You can still fit orthotics into winter boots by taking a little length off your first pair. If you select a ¾ length orthotic device, you’ll still enjoy arch support. In fact, this device will run until the ball of your foot.