What are the shoes that look like Yeezys?

What are the shoes that look like Yeezys?

adidas has already incurred the wrath of Kanye West once for what he perceived as “fake YEEZYS” but that doesn’t mean the sneaker giant has ceased producing comfy rubber slides that have YEEZY vibes. Behold Stella McCartney’s new adidas clogs because it must be said: they’re kinda giving YEEZY.

What is Yeezy knock off brand?

Much like YEEZY, Balenciaga is another designer with a penchant for the sneaker boot! But that’s not the only resemblance to YEEZY.

How can you tell Yeezy shoes are fake?

Fake Yeezys have a disproportionate Adidas logo, a “Sample Made in China” label on the size tag, and white text on both insoles. Examine the shoes’ stitching and patterns for inconsistencies. Keep the price, seller, and packaging in mind when you buy a pair of Yeezys.