What does Yelawolf stand for?

What does Yelawolf stand for?

Regarding his stage name, Yelawolf has said, “Yelawolf is Native American. My father is Cherokee and I’m from Cherokee county – Gadsden, Alabama. Yela represents light, the sun, power, fire, hunger and Wolf represents my ability to survive… my fierceness.”

Why did Yelawolf quit rap?

The rigidity of a big label could not accommodate his creative flow. And he stated it again talking to Flaunt: My years in a major label system, every single record that I wrote and turned in was basically shelved for a year. Oh right, you were with Shady/Interscope Records.

What kind of car does Yelawolf drive?

Yelawolf dubbed his custom Chevy Slumerican after his record label and merchandise line, and now, the exterior reflects the musical artist’s tastes, starting with a full black-out exterior treatment.

Was Yelawolf in the military?

And several spitters proudly proclaim to be “military brats.” Some of the more notable sons born to then active-duty servicemen include WC, Nelly, Yelawolf, Wiz Khalifa, J.