What is Yodelinghaley famous for?

What is Yodelinghaley famous for?

She is best known for inventing the viral “Say So” dance.

Who is Haley Sharpes dad?

Haley Sharpe was born in Huntsville, Alabama, in the U.S. Her mother is Leslie Sharpe, who works as an attorney. Her father’s name is Anthony Sharpe, who is a notable musician in the family’s hometown, Huntsville. He sings, writes songs, as well as plays the guitar in a local band named Toy Shop.

Did Haley Sharpe win?

Justaminx defeats Haley Sharpe via KO/TKO at 1:10 of Round 4.

Who did Yodelinghaley box?

Yodeling Haley is down to fight Valkyrae after historic Creator Clash boxing match. TikTok star ‘Yodeling Haley’ made history by fighting in the first-ever women’s influencer boxing match at Creator Clash… and she already has her eyes on another possible opponent.

Who is the most famous girl on TikTok?

Charli D’Amelio is the top female TikTok influencer in 2022. Even though she joined TikTok only in the summer of 2019, she already has more than 144 million followers on this platform. Her popularity on other social media platforms are equally impressive.

Who became famous on TikTok?

Charli D’Amelio Head over to the Charli D’Amelio TikTok page and you’ll see an amazing number of followers—over 128 million.