Does Zach Hadel have a YouTube channel?

Does Zach Hadel have a YouTube channel?

Hadel was also a member of SleepyCabin, a comedy and discussion podcast hosted by former Newgrounds animators. As of April 2022, his YouTube channel psychicpebbles has 1.5 million subscribers and 208.4 million views.

Who does Zach Hadel voice?

Zach Hadel: Charlie, Glep, Bliblie, Boss Baby, Charlie’s Grandma, DJ Spit, Desmond’s Mom, Gnarly, Mip, Mr. Frog Fan, Mr. Peanut, Ronald Reagan, Salt, The Century Egg, The Devil.

What nationality is OneyPlays?

Christopher Luke O’Neill (born 21 November 1990), also known by his Internet pseudonym Oney (/ˈoʊni/) or OneyNG, is an Irish animator, Youtuber, voice actor, musician, and video game designer. He is known for his flash animations and being the founder and host of the YouTube Let’s Play web series OneyPlays.

Who created Smiling Friends?

Production. Smiling Friends was created by animators Zach Hadel and Michael Cusack, noted for their individual successes as content creators for Newgrounds and YouTube.