How did Zach Randolph get his nickname?

How did Zach Randolph get his nickname?

Zach Randolph has had the nickname Z-Bo since he was in Junior High School. It does not stand for anything very significant and was just given to him by a friend.

Who has the best nickname in the NBA?

1 of 25. Magic. Focus on Sport/Getty Images. 2 of 25. Dr. J. 3 of 25. The Mailman. Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images. 4 of 25. Air Jordan. Jonathan Daniel/Allsport. 5 of 25. The Big O. Bettmann/Getty Images. 6 of 25. Wilt the Stilt. Bettmann/Getty Images. 7 of 25. The Answer. 8 of 25. The Glove.

What is Daniel Gibson’s nickname?

Daniel Gibson

Why is CP3 called Point God?

Phoenix Suns star Chris Paul has arguably one of the coolest monikers in NBA history: “Point God”. The nickname stems back from his early days in the league, where he would display his insane floor general abilities on the court for the Hornets. He’s arguably one of the best point guards of all-time.