Is ZAFUL a trustworthy site?

Is ZAFUL a trustworthy site?

Overview. ZAFUL has a consumer rating of 3.88 stars from 5,952 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with ZAFUL most frequently mention customer service, good quality and bathing suits. ZAFUL ranks 2nd among Discount Clothing sites.

Is ZAFUL or Shein better?

Among all, Zaful has the best product quality. It has better quality and standards compared to Shein and Romwe. Many people prefer to purchase daily clothing of good quality from Zaful. Its fabrics are of finer quality than Shein.

Is ZAFUL from China?

The websites are owned by Shenzhen Global Egrow E-Commerce Co. – a substantial Chinese e-commerce business run by Yang Jianxin. According to Business Insider, in 2014, the company made $200 million. Give Zaful a chance if you are still interested.

Where is ZAFUL shipped from?

Zaful mainly ships from Hong Kong and the United States, although the store in California only carries a selected range. Most of the orders are fulfilled in Hong Kong, after they have been quality inspected and the order has been processed in their distribution centers.