Is Richard Thompson married to Zara Phillips?

Is Richard Thompson married to Zara Phillips?

Zara’s first one-woman show Beneath My Father’s Sky won Best Direction at United Solo Festival in 2014. In 2015, she was given an Angel in Adoption Award in Washington D.C. Her CD, Meditation & Kitkats, was produced by her husband, Richard Thompson (2021).

Where was Zara Phillips born?

Zara Tindall

How many children do Zara and Mike have?

The royal couple share three children. November 16, 2022 – 18:57 GMT Sophie Hamilton. Discover more here… Royal mother Zara Tindall shares three children with her retired rugby-player husband and current I’m A Celebrity star Mike Tindall: daughters Mia, age eight, and Lena, four, and baby boy Lucas, one year.