Who is Hira Tareen married to?

Who is Hira Tareen married to?

Hira Tareen

Is Jahangir Tareen a billionaire?

Tareen is considered one of the wealthiest politicians in Pakistan, with assets worth around Rs 400 billion; he owns thousands of acres of farmland and some of the largest sugar mills and many other business entities in Pakistan.

Who is the richest kid of Pakistan?

Dubbed as the “Richest Kid in Pakistan”, Shameel Zahid is one of the biggest TikTok stars in Pakistan with 1.6 million followers and 29.8 million likes on his profile.

Why did Mashal and Ali break up?

Both are lovely human beings who have loved each other so much but it’s not just the right time or you are different people who want to do different things in life. You two mutually decide but now you can’t tell the audience,” Mashal Khan added.

Is Zain Baig married?

Jude’s School. After completing his studies, Baig travelled to London, where he studied Chartered Accountancy, for three years before returning to Pakistan. Baig, in an interview, revealed that he is “happily married”.

Who is the wife of Ali Safina?

Ali Safina