What happened to Beiwen Zhang at the Olympics?

What happened to Beiwen Zhang at the Olympics?

US badminton player Beiwen Zhang Olympics ended on a tearful note as she bowed out of the singles campaign after being forced to retire due to an injury midway into the second set.

What happened to the US badminton player?

United States badminton player Beiwen Zhang was forced to retire from her match on Thursday due to an apparent Achilles injury.

What happened to the 15 year old at the Olympics?

After Valieva’s failed drugs test came to light, Rusada provisionally suspended her with immediate effect. That meant she was barred from competing, training or taking part in any sports activity at the Olympics, in accordance with the IOC’s anti-doping rules.

Who is the shirtless guy in the Olympics?

The festivities get a new shirtless, oiled-up athlete. Nathan Crumpton competes in skeleton for American Samoa.