Who is the father of Zoe’s Laverne’s baby?

Who is the father of Zoe’s Laverne’s baby?

I’m sorry again.” Laverne first announced her pregnancy on Instagram back in February of this year, confirming that her now-fiance, Dawson Day is the father of her child.

Did Zoe Laverne have a baby?

20-year-old TikToker Zoe Laverne gave birth to her first baby at the beginning of October. She was criticized when she offered fans “exclusive” photos of her new daughter, Emersyn, for $15. Laverne told Insider she did it to pay for Emersyn’s extended hospital stay.

How old was Zoe when she had her baby?

The 39-year-old revealed that she gave birth to her child last month during an interview with Today on Monday to promote her upcoming film, She Said.

Is Zoe’s baby a girl or boy?

In one video, Zoe and Dawson held confetti cannons, setting them off to reveal pink confetti indicating they were having a baby girl. In another video posted on TikTok, Zoe appeared to be distracted by a friend, but when she turned around Dawson was down on one knee holding a ring.