Is Zoës Kitchen and Cava the same?

Nation’s Restaurant News reported March 24, 2021, that CAVA Group’s $300 million acquisition of Zoës expanded the company from 66 to 326 locations across the U.S. CAVA Grill’s site shows 230 locations in 17 states and Washington, D.C.

Did Zoe’s change to Cava?

The Woodruff Road restaurant will remain a Zoës Kitchen. Zoës was acquired by the privately-held CAVA Group, Inc., in 2018, and the two became a combined company, according to a 2018 CAVA press release.

What is Skhug Zoës Kitchen?

Israeli Skhug – bright, citrusy sauce featuring spicy green peppers, cilantro, lemon, extra-virgin olive oil and Mediterranean spices.

Is Cava as good as Zoës?

“Zoës works, but what we’ve seen is that Cava works even better,” Schulman says. He describes Zoës as a counter-service restaurant with a “more traditional” Mediterranean menu of kabobs, hummus, falafel and the like.