In which school did Ayaan Zubair study?

Ayaan Zubair Rahmani is an Indian child actor born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, on 21st August 2008. He is doing his schooling at Oxford Public School in Kandivali West, Mumbai, and is the younger brother of popular actress Jannat Zubair Rahmani.

Why is Ayaan Zubair famous?

He is a child actor from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. At the age of just 12 years, the child prodigy has gained global recognition due to his acting skills. He is doing his schooling at Oxford Public School in Mumbai. Ayaan is the younger brother of a famous Indian actress, Jannat Zubair Rahmani.

Is Jannat Zubair has a baby?

Whenever actress Jannat Zubair Rahmani posts a picture on her social media site, it gets talked about. The young actress surely knows how to connect with her fans and keep them engaged. Recently she posted a cute picture on Instagram of herself with a baby in her arms.

Why is Jannat Zubair so rich?

As of now i.e 2022, the net worth of Jannat Zubair is estimated to be around or more than $3 million USD which is equivalent to 25 crore in Indian Rupees. She has earned all this wealth with a lot of hard work as she is very much dedicated towards her profession. She is a very successful actress at a very young age.

Is Jannat Zubair rich?

According to multiple reports, Jannat Zubair’s net worth is a whopping Rs. 19 crores. Reportedly, her monthly income is Rs. 25 lakhs and more.

Which school is avneet?

Avneet went to Police DAV Public School in Jalandhar and currently studies at Oxford Public School, Mumbai. As for her relationship status, it is yet to be revealed; however, there have been rumours of her dating Siddharth Nigam.