Who is NC Aiyappa?

Neravanda Aiyappa, aka NC Aiyappa (born 19 October 1979), is a former Indian first-class cricketer who played in Ranji Trophy matches for Karnataka. He made his debut in first-class cricket on 2nd December 2001 in a match against Tamil Nadu.

Who is the father of Prema?

For Prema’s parents, auto-rickshaw driver Jayakumar Perumal and home-maker Lingammal Jayakumar, the exam was one of a succession of academic hoops that their daughter had been negotiating with ease for years.

Does Prema have children?

A big lover of golf, Prema was among the elite club of women golfers from erstwhile Madras. She is survived by two sons, two daughters and their respective families.

Who is the wife of Ayyappa?

Ayyappan temples typically show him as a celibate yogi. A few important temples such as the one at Achankovil Sree Dharmasastha Temple near Travancore, however, depict him as a married man with two wives Poorna and Pushkala, as well as a son Satyaka.

Who is the father of God in India?

Brahma is commonly depicted as a red or golden complexioned bearded man, with four heads and hands. His four heads represent the four Vedas and are pointed to the four cardinal directions. He is seated on a lotus and his vahana (mount) is a hamsa (swan, goose or crane).

Who is Prema husband?