Does Azealia Banks like Doja Cat?

Azealia Banks has a collaboration on the mind – and surprisingly (or perhaps not) it’s with an act she’s sunk her claws into in the recent past. The rapper has made no secret of her disapproval of chart-topper Doja Cat.

What did Azealia Banks say about Beyonce?

Azealia continued, expressing she no longer looks to her as the once powerful figure she did when she was a child. Furthermore, the “I Rule The World” artist expressed that Beyonce is “too prideful” to end her relationship with her husband, Jay-Z.

What did Azealia Banks say about Nicki Minaj?

The outspoken rapper claimed Nicki Minaj’s behavior proved the Harajuku Barbie relied on “tokenism” throughout her career. “A smart Nicki would have done the cardi, doja, Megan collabs smiled in their faces while safaree worked on her album in the background then came through and dominated,” Azealia Banks wrote.

Why do people still like Azealia Banks?

They’re addictive, full of lines you wish you would’ve thought of yourself, and that just makes them more fun to get lost in. From the get-go, too, Banks has told the world she’s controversial and doesn’t care, which likely suggests some self-selection by fans to explain her continued following.

What did Azealia Banks say about Megan Thee stallion?

“She looks like brown alcohol, brown prostyl gel, fantasia ic spritz and and Waffle House margarine spread. Like a fried stripper with extremely forgettable music. She’s really a snore.” “I would be into some polished equestrian/horse racing aesthetics from her,” she continued.

How much did Azealia Banks NFT sell for?

Azealia Banks Sells First-Ever Audio Sex Tape NFT Worth $17,000.