Is Mahomes the baby GOAT?

The acronym GOAT, of course, has nothing to do with an actual goat, but fans are having fun with it to describe the Bucs quarterback who is going for his seventh Super Bowl win. Mahomes, who is 18 years younger than Brady, is being labeled as the kid, which is the name for a baby goat.

Is Mahomes on track to be the goat?

One of the QB’s skills that will help in the Patrick Mahomes GOAT argument is his athleticism and running ability. On his current pace, he’ll finish as the fourth-greatest quarterback of all time in rushing yards behind Michael Vick (6,109), Cam Newton (5,628), and Randall Cunningham (4,928).

Who is the goat on the Kansas City Chiefs?

Mahomes was hoping to lead the Chiefs to a third consecutive Super Bowl appearance. After falling short, he reflected on the even-time champion Brady’s sustained run of success throughout the future Hall of Famer’s career. “His career is one of a kind,” Mahomes told reporters. “That’s why he’s the GOAT.

What is the goat Brady?

Tom Brady is often called the “greatest of all time,” the “GOAT,” if you will, but the Buccaneers quarterback has nothing on the “Hitman.” When Brady won his seventh Super Bowl in his first year in Tampa Bay, NFL fans lauded the 22-year veteran for being the best athlete in all of sports.

Why do they call a quarterback a goat?

Tom Brady is called the GOAT because it’s an acronym that stands for “greatest of all time,” and fans of the legendary football player truly believe that his 22 years as a professional quarterback in the National Football League have earned him such a high distinction.

Who is the QB goat?

Quarterback: Tom Brady He has 243, more wins than four current NFL franchises (Ravens at 233, Panthers at 205, Jaguars at 180 and Texans at 139).