Who is the father of Padma’s baby on The Resident?

Who is the father of Padma’s baby on The Resident?

She currently has twin boys with AJ Austin being the donor parent. In One Bullet, she has a c-section to deliver her babies and nearly bleeds out due to a complication, but survives and is in recovery.

Is the baby on The Resident a doll?

CoNic’s baby is here, and she’s a beauty (for a doll and all). As predicted, they named her after both of their parents, and you could see how much that meant to Kyle as he held his granddaughter and promised to be the best grandfather on the planet.

Does the baby survive in The Resident?

In addition to her pregnancy, she was also stabbed, which nearly killed both her and the baby. But luckily, Gigi and Nic were both just fine.

Why did Nick leave resident?

According to Deadline, Emily asked to be released from her contract around the end of Season 4, ahead of the reveal of Nic’s pregnancy. Nic’s journey on The Resident officially came to an end when it was revealed her character had been in a car accident.

Is Leela pregnant on The Resident?

And in the finale, she had good news for him: She was pregnant — with twins! They’d already started disagreeing about how to raise a child but have started to compromise.

What happened to AJ Austin’s father on The Resident?

Death. After the four-year timeskip, it is learned that Yee passed away at some point during the past four years.