Who is Swavy real brother?

Who is Swavy real brother?

swavy), the newest chapter from Swavy’s life was revealed Monday on the Instagram page of Swavy’s brother, Rahkim Clark (@1heavy_stepper), who manages the late teen’s Instagram account.

What is Swavy real name?

Matima Abasi Miller Jr. Also know as Swavy, he was one of the many stars born by its platform. Followed by nearly 2.3 million followers, he regularly posted videos of him dancing as well as moments of his life like paintball sessions with friends and even a few skits.

How did Babyface s death?

A 19-year-old TikTok star has died from a gunshot wound. Matima Miller, best known as Swavy and Babyface.

When did Swavy pass away?

Matima Miller, also known as TikTok star Swavy, 19, died in a shooting on July 5 in Wilmington, Delaware.

Who Swavy parents?

In an emotional interview Sunday with TMZ, Swavy’s mom, Chanelle Clark, spoke out against comments Wendy Williams made Wednesday about her late 19-year-old son, Matima Miller, known as Swavy on social media, who was shot to death in Wilmington’s Southbridge neighborhood on July 5.

How tall is Swavy Lee?

Swavy Lee’s height and weight His height is 5 feet 8 inches (or 173 centimetres).