Who was eliminated on 2022 The Bachelor?

Echard finished in eighth place on the eighteenth season of The Bachelorette featuring Michelle Young. The season concluded on March 15, 2022, with Echard’s final choice, 28-year-old wedding videographer Susie Evans, rejecting him. Evans was the first person in the show’s history to reject the lead’s proposal.

Who are the girls that Clayton sleeps with?

The former football player abruptly sent Susie home on the March 8, 2022, episode of the hit series during their fantasy suite date after the videographer confessed that she was uncomfortable with him sleeping with the other two contestants — Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia — one week before potentially proposing to …

Who left The Bachelorette tonight 2022?

Zach. Zach decided to leave the show after feeling that he met the “Bachelorette” version of Rachel during the fantasy suites and not the real one. In the limo ride, he described her behavior as being “cold.” During a live segment in the finale, Rachel told Zach her “feelings were real.”

What happens in Bachelor Episode 5?

Shanae’s Elimination Escape Clayton interrupts the girls’ bickering and pulls the winning “Bachelor Bowl” team aside to figure out what happened the night before. He was unaware of Shanae’s strong language and trophy-throwing, and he goes to talk to her next.

Who does Clayton pick on The Bachelor 2022?

Echard, 28, announced at the “After the Final Rose” ceremony that he and Evans, 28, had reconnected and got their happily ever after.

Is Clayton still with Susie?

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans met on The Bachelor and rekindled their relationship off-screen before calling it quits in September 2022. Clayton Echard and Susie Evans’ Bachelor romance was a whirlwind.