What is Pieper from Bachelor in Paradise Instagram?

What is Pieper from Bachelor in Paradise Instagram?

Pieper James (@pieper_james) • Instagram photos and videos.

Does Piper from Bachelor in Paradise have an Instagram?

Piper Rockelle (@piperrockelle) • Instagram photos and videos.

What does Pieper do for work?

What does Pieper James do for a Living? Pieper currently works as an “Account Coordinator” for an advertising agency, which from the job description appears to be advertising speak for secretary.

Where is Pieper from Bachelor?

After their time on Season 25 of “The Bachelor,” BFFs Pieper James and Serena Chew moved in together in New York City. The two have been roomies for over a year now and have been enjoying the NYC life together.

How many IG followers did Pieper lose?

After they were exposed for their plan, Brendan lost at least 86,000 followers, and Pieper lost 9,000 (talk about a plan backfiring). But this time, it was the cast members who did the cancelling first, and that’s most likely why there was such a reaction from the audience, leading to such a detrimental followers loss.

Did Pieper James lose followers?

As a result, when the episode with the drama in question aired in early September, Morais lost roughly 100,000 followers from his original 350k, while James lost around 10,000 from her original 88k.