Is Peter and Kelley back together?

Now, the couple has gotten back together and shocked Bachelor Nation with their reconciliation posts. Peter took to Instagram and shared a photo holding Kelley at the Yankee game writing, “Home run!” And Kelley posted a pic of the two of them at the Empire State Building and said, “Who would’ve thought, cuz not me!”

Are Pilot Pete and Kelly together?

September 2020 “Kelley and Peter are planning to move to New York in January for Peter’s job,” a source exclusively told Us, five months after the couple became Instagram official. “In the meantime, they are looking to get a house in Chicago as an investment. They’re very in love, serious and committed to one another.”

Who is Peter from The Bachelor with now?

In October 2022, however, Weber and Flanagan shocked fans when they announced they were back together yet again. “Who would’ve thought, cuz not me 🥰,” Flanagan captioned a photo of her and the former Bachelor at the Empire State Building shortly after the pair confirmed they had reunited.

Does Pilot Pete have a girlfriend?

You’d think Peter would want to take a break from romance after ending two relationships back to back, but apparently not, because he spent 2020 dating Kelley Flanagan… until they broke up on New Year’s Eve…and then (maybe) got back together again. And now? Well, Pete and Kelly seem to be back fully together.