What did Rachael do to Matt?

The couple fell for each other on Matt’s season of The Bachelor, but Rachael’s past racist behavior was revealed while the show was airing, causing Matt to end the relationship during “After the Final Rose.” However, the couple began rebuilding their foundation in April (while having critical conversations about anti- …

What happened between Matt and Rachel on The Bachelor?

March 2021: Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell discuss their breakup at the After the Final Rose special. During the After the Final Rose special, Kirkconnell and James revealed that they had split when the allegations against Kirkconnell surfaced.

What is wrong with Rachel voice on The Bachelor?

Per Distractify, Rachel explained in an Instagram Story that she had been sick that week, which resulted in the loss of her voice. With that said, Rachel reiterated she didn’t have COVID-19. Otherwise, she probably lost her voice due to the long trip from Vienna to Florida in such a short period of time.

Are Matt and Rachael still together?

However, despite being together, only two out of those three couples are with their winner. Matt gave Rachael his final rose and decided to continue a relationship but not get engaged. The Bachelor couple broke up for a short time but got back together after a couple of months apart in early 2021.