What happens to Gabby on The Bachelor 2022?

What happens to Gabby on The Bachelor 2022?

Before The Bachelorette season 19 finale aired in September 2022, Reality Steve confirmed Gabby and Erich were still together and engaged. “As for Gabby and Erich, they are still together. Nothing new to report there. Whatever drama goes down in Mexico, it’s not like anyone else comes back for her.

What did Rachel say to Matt James?

While Rachael called Matt the “love of my life” again via Instagram after the finale aired, Matt ruled out any chance of reconciliation during an appearance on Good Morning America.

What did Rachael do to Matt?

The couple fell for each other on Matt’s season of The Bachelor, but Rachael’s past racist behavior was revealed while the show was airing, causing Matt to end the relationship during “After the Final Rose.” However, the couple began rebuilding their foundation in April (while having critical conversations about anti- …

Is Matt James with Rachel?

“They are not together. He supports her as a friend. He is not looking for a relationship,” the source said. One of James’ exes then claimed that he reached out to her just days before he invited Kirkconnell to New York.

Is Clayton still with Susie?

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans met on The Bachelor and rekindled their relationship off-screen before calling it quits in September 2022. Clayton Echard and Susie Evans’ Bachelor romance was a whirlwind.

Why does Gabby leave The Bachelor?

On an episode of Dancing With the Stars in November 2022, Gabby confirmed her breakup with Erich and revealed that the two broke up because of a difference in their “common goals” and how they “approach life.” Gabby also hinted that she broke up with Erich because of the “blame” he would put on her during their …