Who does Clayton pick?

During the Bachelor’s After the Final Rose special, Clayton, 28, took the stage and revealed that Susie was now his girlfriend.

Does Susie win The Bachelor?

Susie Evans became a lightning rod of controversy after her exit this season on The Bachelor, but she didn’t stay gone for long. See why we think that was a good thing. Susie Evans won over Bachelor Nation with her chilly Bachelor departure from Iceland, but she couldn’t stay gone for long!

Is Clayton Echard and Susie still together?

Echard and Evans announced their split in a joint Instagram statement on Sept. 23, 2022. “With incredibly heavy hearts, we wanted to share that we have decided to go our separate ways.

Who does Clayton pick on The Bachelor Spoiler?

Clayton talks to Susie one more time and convinces her to stay. Susie meets Clayton’s parents; Clayton chooses Susie and breaks up with both Gabby and Rachel.

Did Claytons brother DM Teddy?

During The Bachelor’s “Women Tell All” special on Monday, host Jesse Palmer revealed that one of Clayton’s brothers DM’d Teddi when the show started airing. “Clayton’s brother did reach out to me. I didn’t reply,” Teddi explained during the episode.

Who does Clayton end up with finale?

-They meet up, Clayton apologizes for how everything went down when they last saw each other, and he asks her to stay. She agrees. -Susie then ALSO meets Clayton’s parents. -After all 3 women have met Clayton’s parents, Clayton decides that he’s in love with Susie and makes the decision to send the other two home.