Who are the girls that Clayton sleeps with?

The finale brought with it plenty of drama and heartbreak. During the pre-finale episode, Clayton told all three women that he was either “falling in love” or “in love with them.” He also slept with both Gabby and Rachel on their overnight dates.

How many bachelorettes did Clayton sleep with?

There were three women remaining for the fantasy suite episode and Clayton admitted to having sex with the first two – Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. He also expressed his love to all three women, including Susie Evans.

Did Rachel and Clayton sleep together?

During Monday’s penultimate episode, Clayton attempted to salvage his relationships with finalists Gabby Widney and Rachel Recchia. He confessed that he loved and had slept with them both, which had everyone in hysterics and nearly caused Gabby to self-eliminate.

Who said I love you on The Bachelor?

On part one of the show’s season finale, Clayton confessed that he had expressed feelings of love to each of his final three women, and said that he had been intimate with both Gabby and Rachel. Rachel decided to stay and meet Clayton’s family, despite feeling some lingering uncertainty.

Does Susie win The Bachelor?

Susie Evans became a lightning rod of controversy after her exit this season on The Bachelor, but she didn’t stay gone for long. See why we think that was a good thing. Susie Evans won over Bachelor Nation with her chilly Bachelor departure from Iceland, but she couldn’t stay gone for long!

Why did Nayte and Michelle break up?

“Our relationship was tough,” he said. “There were lots of ups and downs, lots of arguments, lots of fights, just not really clicking, not really seeing eye to eye.” So, when that weekend in June went downhill, breaking up wasn’t a new thought, Nayte said.