What episode does Victoria go home on The Bachelor?

What episode does Victoria go home on The Bachelor?

More videos on YouTube On this episode of No Rose, All Thorn, The Ringer’s Amelia Wedemeyer recaps Episode 5 of The Bachelor, including Matt James sending Anna and Queen Victoria home, the one-on-one dates with Rachael and Kit, and what we can expect to see next week based on the teaser at the end of the episode.

What episode does Victoria leave The Bachelor?

Victoria Lynn Fuller was a contestant on the 24th season of The Bachelor. She was eliminated in week 9. She returned for, and won, the 8th season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Does Victoria leave The Bachelor?

Victoriais a 28-year-old from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She was a contestant on The Bachelor season 24 with Peter Weber, where she was eliminated in week nine in third place. During her season, Victoria’s ex-boyfriend, country singer Chase Rice, performed for her and Peter on a One-on-One date.

Does Victoria Larson go home on The Bachelor?

So there you have it—Victoria does go home in the end and will live on in Bachelor villain history.

Does Victoria get eliminated?

At the start of The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 5, James eliminated Victoria from the show. The Bachelor Season 25 with Matt James airs Monday nights on ABC.

Why did Victoria Paul leave The Bachelor?

During Monday’s episode, Paul abruptly left the show after being confronted with allegations of a secret relationship back home. She was forming a connection with James Bonsall when Tammy Ly and Kelsey Weier told him about Paul’s alleged intentions.