How many kids do Treach and Pepa have?

How many kids do Treach and Pepa have?

Treach was married to Sandra Denton, better known as Pepa of the hip hop group Salt-n-Pepa, from July 1999 until 2001. The couple had one daughter, Egypt Jahnari Criss (born September 2, 1998).

Who is Egypt father from Growing Up Hip Hop?

The daughter of rappers Sandra “Pepa” Denton and Anthony “Treach” Criss is now a married woman! Egypt Criss, the 23-year-old star of the WEtv hit Growing Up Hip Hop, married her co-star and rapper Samuel “Sam Mattick” Wright in an intimate ceremony at the Little Vegas Chapel in Las Vegas on Jan.

Is Pepa Yadriels daughter?

Pepa is the daughter of Yadriel and Maria Ruiz.

Who is the father of amaras baby?

The reality TV star and Afro-Latina singer recently revealed that her on-again, off-again boyfriend and real estate broker Allan Mueses is the father to her twin girls in an Instagram post.

Who is salts baby daddy?

James married her husband Gavin Wray on Christmas Eve 2000, although they dated for ten years before the marriage. James and Wray have two children.

Is Pepa Madrigal a mom?

Pepa is one of Alma’s three children and the mom of Dolores, Camilo and Antonio. Her gift allows her to control the weather, with it changing depending on her mood.