Where is Beverly Sills from?

Where is Beverly Sills from?

Beverly Sills

Where is Beverly Sills buried?

gravesite. Beverly Sills is buried in Valhalla, NY (Westchester County), in Kensico Cemetery at 273 Lakeview Avenue. Her grave is located within the section called Sharon Gardens, which is for families of the Jewish faith.

What type of soprano is Lisette Oropesa?

With her lyric coloratura soprano voice, she has performed roles in her native Spanish and English, as well as German, French and Italian. She is particularly noted in the roles of Susanna, Gilda, Konstanze, Lucia and Manon.

What was Beverly Sills nickname?

As a child performer, Sills was billed as “Bubbles,” a nickname that matched her effervescent personality — and one that stuck with her from the very beginning. “I was born with a big spit-bubble in my mouth, and the doctor had to break it,” she once said.

Who said there are no shortcuts to any place worth going?

It brings to mind this quote from American soprano Beverly Sills: “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

Who was Beverly Sills husband?

Peter B. Greenough (February 6, 1917 – September 6, 2006) was an American journalist and editor. He was the husband of opera singer Beverly Sills.