Where does Brant Miller Live?

Life. Raised in Portland, Oregon, Miller lives with his wife Lisa and their two sons in Wilmette.

Who is the new weatherman on NBC 5 Chicago?

Brant Miller is the chief meteorologist at NBC-5, where he has worked for more than three decades. Three of Chicago’s top meteorologists — Brant Miller, Cheryl Scott, and Tom Skilling — share what they’ve learned from years of tracking this city’s fickle and often extreme weather.

Where is Alicia Roman now?

Meteorologist at NBC Chicago.

How much does a weatherman make in Chicago?

Meteorologist Salary in Chicago, Illinois How much does a Meteorologist make in Chicago, IL? The average Meteorologist salary in Chicago, IL is $110,991 as of October 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $85,743 and $137,794.