Are Greg and BRI together?

Are Greg and BRI together?

Grippo, 28, addressed recent speculation about him and Springs, 25, during this week’s episode of the Viall Files podcast. “I couldn’t believe waking up the next day to that,” he said of rumors that the two were dating. “Bri is just a friend.

Is BRI from Bachelor dating anyone?

Over the past few months, Bri has been teasing her relationship on social media, sharing pics with her boyfriend but never showing his face. Just last week, she discussed their love on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast, saying, “My boyfriend and I are doing really, really well.

Where is Greg from The Bachelorette today?

Greg shared that he is currently off the market and is dating someone who lives in Paris, so while we shouldn’t expect to see him on “Bachelor in Paradise,” he still hopes to see some Bachelor Nation stars on the beach for his friends.

Is Greg from The Bachelor really an actor?

According to the source, “Greg is an actor” and that has “always been his passion.” Even though Greg has been rather convincing on the show, the source claims that “he is absolutely lying about his career and intentions on the show.

Did Matt and BRI sleep together?

And all we know for sure is that their time together seemed more intimate than it’s ever been in more ways than one. From the looks of things, it seems like Matt slept with all three ladies: Bri Springs, Michelle Young, and Rachael Kirkconnell.

Are Katie and Greg friends?

Not only are the pair not friends, but Katie made it abundantly clear she is not harboring any feelings telling Greg on the After the Final Rose special, “When [Greg] left, so did everything else I felt for him.”