Who plays the first wife on Trophy Wife?

Who plays the first wife on Trophy Wife?

Hillary was played by Gianna LePera in the pilot, but replaced with Bailee Madison when the series went into production. On November 1, 2013, ABC gave a full-season order to the series bringing the first season to 22 episodes.

Did they change daughters on Trophy Wife?

Bailee Madison Madison has played Hillary since the second episode of Trophy Wife, when she replaced Gianna LePera. The 14-year-old’s acting experience is even more impressive than Lee’s.

Is Trophy Wife still on TV?

It is not, however, all good news: to make way for a musical fairy tale and a procedural starring a 200-year-old, among other things, ABC has canceled Trophy Wife, the best new show of the past season.

Why is there a different daughter in Trophy Wife?

Gianna had her New York professional theater debut at age 10 playing the role of Susan in the musical “Miracle on 34th Street”. Was cast on Trophy Wife as Hillary and starred in the Pilot episode, but when ABC ordered the show to series she was replaced by Bailee Madison.

Why did trophy wife get canceled?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a number of factors determined its cancellation, including the large pay salaries of the well known cast. Meanwhile, Mixology, from the team behind The Hangover and Executive Producer Ryan Seacrest, has also been cancelled after one season.

What is trophy wife syndrome?

The term is often used in a derogatory or disparaging way, implying that the wife in question has little personal merit besides her physical attractiveness, requires substantial expense for maintaining her appearance, is often unintelligent or unsophisticated, does very little of substance beyond remaining attractive, …