Who played the ex-wife on Castle?

Who played the ex-wife on Castle?

Gina Cowell (Monet Mazur) is Castle’s publisher and second ex-wife. Castle and Gina got back together at the end of season two, However, due to their fighting all the time, Castle breaks up with her in episode twelve (“Poof You’re Dead”) of season three, having concluded that the relationship had lost its magic.

What happened to Castle’s ex-wife?

In the end, Meredith returned to Los Angeles after Castle discreetly pulled some strings to get her a prominent movie role.

Why did Castle and Gina break up?

Castle finally ended the relationship when he recognised that the two were no longer in love, admitting to Martha that he wanted a relationship with more magic in it.

Do Castle and Beckett get divorced?

That scene, it turns out, depicted Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett seven years in the future, still happily married with three kids in tow, as shown at the close of the series finale.

Who was Castles second wife?

His second wife was Gina Cowell (Monet Mazur), his publisher, a role she continues after their divorce. Castle and Gina became involved again, briefly, when she spent a summer with him in the Hamptons supervising his second Nikki Heat novel, but they soon ended their relationship.

Who is LokSat in Castle?

Mason Wood is the head of the Greatest Detective Society and the true antagonist of season 8 and the hidden main antagonist of the entire Beckett Conspiracy. Referred to as the alias – Loksat, he was a CIA analyst who was partnered with Senator William Bracken and Vulcan Simmons.