Who has the highest rating in Madden 22?

Who has the highest rating in Madden 22?

Tyrann Mathieu (SS, Kansas City Chiefs) – 95. Budda Baker (SS, Arizona Cardinals) – 93. Devin McCourty (FS, New England Patriots) – 92.

What is Joe Burrows Madden rating?

On Madden NFL 23, Joe Burrow has an Overall Rating of 90 as a Superstar X-Factor with Field General Archetype and has a Long Stride Default Running Style. The above line graph shows his Madden 23 Rating Weekly Movement while below are his Madden 23 Attributes.

Who has a 100 Madden rating?

The wildest fact about Rice’s rating was that it wasn’t any sort of ‘legacy award’ to commemorate his career. No, instead he played another six NFL seasons, retiring in 2004. The other two players to earn a 100 rating were Deion Sanders and Barry Sanders in 1999.

Has there ever been a 100 OVR in Madden?

Deion Sanders, “Madden NFL 99” For the second ever edition of the “Madden” franchise, two players received 100 ratings. Deion Sanders was one of them, as he was coming off three straight All-Pro first team selections with the Dallas Cowboys.

Who is the #1 Madden player in the world?

Eric “Problem” Wright, from West Covina, California, is the most accomplished competitive Madden player in the game’s history. Wright has been a Madden fan since 1993 and has made over $390,000 since joining the competitive Madden scene in 2005. Throughout his career, he has won 16 tournaments.

Who has a 99 rating in Madden?

At publishing, two players have officially earned a 99 rating: Las Vegas Raiders WR Davante Adams and Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett.