Is Danica still on vanderpump rules?

Is Danica still on vanderpump rules?

Vanderpump Rules underwent a major cast shakeup in 2020 after it was confirmed Stassi, Kristen, Jax, Brittany, Max, Brett, Danica and Dayna wouldn’t be back for season 9.

Why did Danica leave VPR?

Our relationship was toxic and it’s not there anymore. I still love her, but I also have to look out for myself.” In response, Danica told the outlet: “Brett’s version of these events are a complete lie. Brett kept trying to follow me around the party into different rooms and harass me.”

Is Max still manager at TomTom?

Us confirmed in May 2021 that Max resigned from his job at TomTom nearly one year after he was fired for his past offensive tweets.

How old is Dana from vanderpump?

While appearing virtually on Watch What Happens Live last month, the 60-year-old reality star spoke to host Andy Cohen about resuming production on the Bravo series.

Are Aaron and Danica still together?

Following the couple’s split, Rodgers announced his engagement to Shailene Woodley in February 2021.

Where is Danica today?

Patrick has also taken time out to indulge in her passions outside racing after retirement. She embraced the entrepreneur in her as she launched a rosé wine under her label after purchasing and operating a California vineyard called Somnium. The former Cup Series driver also owns a thriving candle-making business.