What are the Disney knees?

“Someone said ‘Disney Knees’ so I had to do my research,” one fan wrote on Twitter, sharing screenshots of the likes of Rodrigo, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Hilary Duff all using a similar pose: collapsed in at the knees as they dramatically belt out their respective tracks.

How long did Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato date?

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato dated for four months back in 2010 after the release of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, and we’re just going to pretend this was five years ago instead of 11. Needless to say, the couple’s brief romance shook the Disney Channel fandom.

Is Camp Rock a real camp?

Camp Rock was filmed between September and October 2007 at YMCA Camp Wanakita in Haliburton, Ontario, and Kilcoo Camp in Minden, Ontario.

How old was Joe Jonas in Camp Rock?

15 year old Demi met Joe (age 18) in 2007 on the set of Disney Channel movie, Camp Rock.