How old was DMX youngest child?

How old was DMX youngest child?

Exodus Simmons, the five-year old son of late rapper DMX, is battling stage 4 kidney disease. Desiree Lindstrom, DMX’s fiancee and the mother of the boy, made the news public while speaking with Raquel Harper during an appearance on the podcast “It’s Tricky.” “Exodus is stable.

How old are DMXS children?

Earl shares two children with his ex, Yadira Borrego. Their son is 11 years old and their daughter’s age remains unknown. Borrego also shared a few pictures of DMX and his youngsters on her Instagram page when he was hospitalized.

How many biological children DMX have?

DMX was the father of 17 children from 11 different women. He married his childhood friend Tashera Simmons in 1999 and they were married for 11 years. They had four children together: Xavier (born 1992), Tacoma (born 1999), Sean (born 2002), and Praise Mary Ella (born 2005).

Who is DMX 15th child?

The latest person to claim to be one of DMX’ children is a Georgia woman named Raven Barmer-Simmons according to Page Six. Raven, who recently got in touch with some of DMX’ other grown children, is now the 15th person alleged to be one of his progeny.