Does Peter make his webs in the comics?

Comic Book Realities In Earth-1610, Peter has made his own web-shooters. When Peter turned 16, Iron Man gave him new web-shooters. Aunt May gave these web-shooters to Miles Morales, after Peter’s death.

Does Spider-Man produce his own webs?

The ‘organic webs’ is purely a creation of the Sam Raimi films. In the comics, and every other depiction I’ve ever seen, Peter Parker does not naturally fire webs, but instead invents the wrist-mounted webshooters he is famous for, using a formula he created for the web fluid.

Where do Spider-Man’s webs come from in the comics?

In the traditional version of the story, Peter Parker created a web fluid that could be contained in cartridges which, when placed in the shooters, allow him to fire out a compound that emulates a spider’s webbing.

Can Spider-Man shoot webs without his suit in the comics?

No he cannot. Even in the originals and classics it wasn’t part of his superhuman transformation or powers. he had to create web shooters back in the day. If you skip to the version of Spiderman I grew up to in the video (2minutes and 54 seconds it goes on the explain how he does it to the child he was talking too.